Dimitra Tsantidou is the creator of Bee Elixir. She began her studies in  Commercial Administration at a Greek-English college. For twelve consecutive years, she advanced and gained valuable experience in the sales, marketing, accounts and customer service departments of several companies.

2011 marked a turning point in her career, as her pursuit of personal fulfilment led her to shift towards aesthetics from an anthropocentric perspective.

She is a qualified beautician with the International Diploma by CIDESCO, while she is currently specialising in Apitherapy and Alternative Holistic Anti-Ageing. She speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish.

She has attended various training courses and conferences in aesthetics, health and wellness, including beauty therapy, spa, alternative therapies, cosmetic production, nutrition, medicine, medical aesthetics, as well as management and business administration.

She has been a guest speaker in five aesthetics and health conferences both in Greece and abroad. She travels frequently for constant professional training and keeping up to date with the latest developments. She is a member of Greek and foreign beauty and health organisations. At the same time, she writes articles for ‘Meliama’, a magazine published by the Scientific Centre for Apitherapy.

In 2013, she accepted the proposal of a physician-homeopath to be a guest speaker, for the very first time, at the 10th Conference of the Scientific Centre for Apitherapy, at the Greek Institute of Agricultural Studies. Since then, she has studied and researched extensively the bee and its products in addition to their effects on skin, beauty and human body in theoretical and practical terms.

Wishing to share her scientific knowledge and mainly to show how the bee can easily be incorporated in our daily life, she created the web page Bee Elixir with passion and love, firmly convinced that nature possesses miraculous powers.

Bee is the Elixir of youth and longevity!


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